Usage: dtcc [arguments] 
Activate various information and navigation help functions. Have fun!
Mandatory command arguments
    contact,    con          print out our contact information.
    meeting,    meet         print out a directory of our meeting notes.
    biography,  bio          print out the full “about us” section.
    help,       -h           print this text block. 
Usage: os [arguments] 
Provides various utilities to load the website and whatnot.
Mandatory command arguments
    activate,   -a           activate the user interface.
    help,       -h           print this text block.
Usage: su [options] [PARAMETERS]
su allows commands to be run with a substitute user and group ID.

 Mandatory command arguments
    username,   -u           the username to log in with.
For more information on a specific command, type [command-name] HELP

    OS          Provides various functions for interacting with the operating system GUI.
    DTCC        Provides various functions for finding information about the club.
    HELP        Prints a list of all commands and what they do.

=============== Welcome To DT Code Club! ===============
Code Club is a school club based around teaching 
students the basics of programming and computer science. 
We’re glad that you’re here!
Try running [dtcc help] or [os activate].

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================= Meeting Notes =================